Celebrations was opened in December of 2002. We are family and locally owned. Celebrations was
opened after we realized there was an un-tapped market for balloon decorating in our area. There also a
limited delivery service for balloon bouquets. We decided to show people how much can be done with
balloons from a simple balloon bouquet to a large corporate event. We love doing wedding receptions,
banquets, birthday parties, and anywhere else you can decorate with balloons. We love to have fun with
the balloons but at the same time balloons can be very elegant when done properly. We have done many
local events and even gone as far as decorating the Super Dome in New Orleans. Since we have opened
we have more then doubled in size. The company of balloon specialist are ready to serve you with your
balloon needs. Whether this is your first visit to our website or a long time friend, welcome to our family!
About Us