Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you only do big jobs?
We deliver and decorate your small parties and events as well as the large corporate events.  

How far in advance should I order?
You should order as soon as possible in order to save a date since there is no hard and fast rule. We
recommend three to six months for large events. It is to your advantage to book as early as possible in
order to make sure the date is saved. With the exception of businesses we have worked with in the past a
retainer must accompany your order to make it officially confirmed on our schedule.

Can we meet with a Balloon Consultant face to face?
We prefer to do on-site consultations at your venue so that we can see the area to be decorated and get
your ideas of what you would like in order to customize your event.

How long will my balloons last?

Latex (Rubber type)
Indoors you can get up to twelve hours of float time for Qualatex brand 11-inch latex balloons. For an
additional charge the balloons can be treated with High Float which will allow them to last for several days.
Air filled balloons will last for several weeks.

Outdoors there are many factors that will effect float time and appearance. Rain, wind, heat, and other
extreme conditions will effect the float time and you may only count on 6 - 8 hours of float time, also the
balloons will get a cloudy appearance after only a few minutes causing then to lose their shine. We suggest
using air filled decor for all outside events.

Foil (Metallic type)
Foil balloons (Mylars) usually look good for at least a few days.  Although, they may float for weeks, they
start to lose Helium and wrinkle in as little as two days.  
Foil balloons used outside must be inflated at close as possible to the same temperature as outside.
Cooler weather may cause the balloons to become wrinkled; and, warmer weather may pop or otherwise
deflate them.  However foil balloons retain a much better appearance and last longer outside than latex

What are your payment terms?
Usually a fifty percent deposit (the retainer is applied to the deposit) is requested upon ordering or within
one month of your event for balloon decorations.  The balance is due two days prior to your event.  We
will  take purchase orders or bill commercial Clients.

What if I need to cancel my order?
Your fifty percent deposit and/or retainer is considered non-refundable and is used to purchase supplies
and to secure our balloon artists for your event.  We will consider special circumstances when possible. If
you believe that your special circumstances merit a partial refund, you may make a written request. Any
partial refunds will be awarded at the sole discretion of Celebrations.

Do you have decorating packages?
We have found that since it is better to have the decor customized for each event to fit the customers
needs it is unrealistic to have set package pricing. Many factors are associated with pricing such as
distance, time of event, and delivery or set-up time frame as well as if we need to return to the venue to
strike the job.